Cardinal Wholesalers is a wholesale liquidation company based in Indianapolis, Indiana. Owned by Chris Lekse, we are a company that runs warehouse-style retail discount stores. It sells over 120,000 different items in every category. From clothing and shoes to kitchen appliances and electronics, everything sold here is on clearance.

The company also provides good customer service and can deliver orders within one to four days, depending on the size of the order. Since it is on a seasonal basis, wholesale liquidators have the lowest prices possible. However, they also have very competitive prices with other companies selling the same products. They have been on this business for over 20 years and are considered an industry leader.

One of the most popular products that wholesale liquidators sell is women’s clothing. The reason for their popularity is that they are often sold at lower prices than at department stores and other retailers. The company has a huge selection of women’s wear such as jeans, skirts, blouses, blazers, tank tops, hoodies, and more. The company also sells casual wear for men, including button-down shirts and slacks. Women’s apparel from wholesale liquidators are also available in a variety of styles and colors such as polka dots, stripes, solid colors, floral prints, geometric patterns, and more. They also have clothing for the petite market, plus-size clothing, kids’ clothes, evening wear, sports wear, lingerie, swimwear, belts, sweaters, and more.

The wholesale liquidators are also known for selling second-hand items. They also offer items on clearance from previous customers. Items sold here may include furniture, electronic gadgets, electronics, and many more. Some items sold here may be returned and exchanged or returned free of charge. These items may have been broken, damaged, or are defective. Therefore, they do not charge a return fee if the item can be repaired.

In order to get the best deals and the highest savings, shoppers should register. SaleHoo offers extensive dropshipping services. This means they provide wholesale dropshippers to your store, who will be responsible for packing and shipping your orders to you. They charge minimal fees for this service. This fee can save you a lot of money when compared to wholesalers who deal directly with the wholesalers or drop shippers. To find the best wholesale liquidators, all you have to do is search for them in SaleHoo’s list. It is a website that has details about each business and their services. It can also help you determine which of these businesses are reputable and which ones are not. SaleHoo has a forum where you can communicate directly with other members.