The term ‘brand name liquidations‘ refers to liquidations that are conducted by an individual, group, or company that specializes in the sale of specific items. Brand liquidations are commonly used to clean out the inventory and make it available to the public. The process of liquidating merchandise is also known as liquidation. It is a process that can be done through a number of means, but the most common is by liquidating all or part of the merchandise. Liquidation is done by companies, individuals, and even government entities for the purpose of disposal. Visit Cardinal Wholesalers, we are local Indianapolis name brand liquidators, bringing products to you daily. 

What are Liquidations?

Liquidations are usually done to rid the company of excess inventory, in order to make way for new products, or to increase the revenues. Companies also liquidate merchandise to make room for new ones, since the cost of producing new merchandise is very high. In some cases, a manufacturer may choose to liquidate merchandise that is not able to compete with the company’s new products. In this case, the products are often given away or sold at a discount. There are even instances where the product will be destroyed, so the company is not required to pay for it.

Name brand liquidators

So What is Name Brand Liquidations

In essence, what is name-brand liquidations? It is the liquidation of goods manufactured by a company and sold by a retailer at an unusually low price. The low price is the result of an unusual and limited production process. When a company sells its product at a discounted price, it is called a “brick and mortar liquidation”. That is what we do at Cardinal Wholesalers

Another common use of brand liquidations is when a retailer needs to dispose of an excess product. In these instances, the retailer will offer the item at a substantially reduced price than that which was originally sold, in order to make room for new inventory.

Brand Liquidations Sold at Retail

The process of brand liquidations is also sometimes called liquidation because the merchandise itself is sold to the retailer. The retailer then resells the product at a profit, keeping the profits from the original price. However, some of the retailers that purchase brand products for reselling are only concerned with the profits; they may require a portion of the selling price in order to pay off the balance owed to the company or for marketing and advertising costs.

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For example, if you buy a used boat from a wholesale dealer and then resell it for less than what you paid for it, you have a name-brand liquidation. If you sell your product on eBay and make no profit from it, then you have an eBay liquidation. Similarly, if you buy a large quantity of items from a retailer and resell them on eBay and don’t make any money on the sale, then you have an eBay liquidation.

Sometimes Liquidations are Due to Demand

Liquidations are not always performed as a result of an excess of merchandise, but sometimes a company does not have a product that is in demand and cannot keep up with the demand for it. Sometimes a business will experience problems in meeting its sales projections and may need to liquidate some of its inventory. Some businesses also need to dispose of excess inventory to comply with the law or to ensure that the products do not fall into the wrong hands.

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