Save Money

If you are on a fixed budget or if you just love the thrill and satisfaction of finding a great bargain, your next big find is a deal that is waiting here for you at Cardinal Wholesalers. Imagine all of the extra things you can buy and money you will save by buying merchandising at wholesale prices.

New Inventory

At Cardinal Wholesalers, we only carry overstock and returns from large retailers, major retail store cancellations, and even closeout deals when vendors decide to liquidate their merchandise. And finally, we pass these smart savings on to you, the customer.

Hoosier proud

We are a wholesale liquidation store located in the Broad Ripple area of Indianapolis. We will sell a broad range of new from the factory overstock merchandise at discounted prices. Our customers are Hoosier families, resellers, and the large student population in the Broad Ripple Area.

How Does it Work

It’s no secret that retail stores often have items that have been closed out, returned or even overstocked. Because there is no real need to throw retail items that remain serviceable and often have no damage, major retailers, such as Target or Home Depot work with wholesale pallet companies to get rid of what they can’t sell.  As a top notch wholesaler, we offer these products to customers in bulk at a cheap rate. Finding a reputable wholesale company can be difficult. Not any more.

Products We Offer

The types of merchandise we will carry include a number of items from major manufacturers such as:

  • Small appliances
  • Furniture
  • Household goods
  • Cosmetics
  • Dishware
  • Electronics
  • Equipment and much more

Shop with the Best Indiana Wholesale Liquidators

Now is the time to avoid the middle man! You can save the extra money that you would have spent buying from someone else and buy direct from Cardinal Wholesalers and SAVE!!!!

Stock your business with only the best quality, name-brand overstock, closeout, and returned items for a fraction of the retail price when you purchase from Cardinal Wholesalers in Broad Ripple.

Buying surplus closeout merchandise is the ideal way to make maximum profit on resale items for retailers, wholesalers, flea market vendors, auction houses, exporters, and brokers.